SK-II (2)

SK-II was born in the 1970s when SK-II scientists were on a quest to uncover a skin care ingredient that would actually make beautiful skin a reality. Inspired by the unaged and youthful-looking hands of elderly sake brewers, the team of scientists researched more than 350 strains of yeast to discover why the sake fermentation process kept the Brewers’ hands looking so young. During this process, Pitera was discovered as an effective anti-aging component. Since Pitera was discovered, it has been a key ingredient in SK-II skin care along with organic amino acids, minerals, vitamins, proteins, and saccharides. Find products by your skin concern to treat wrinkles, add firmness, even out your skin tone, add radiance and more. Shop by product to find cleansers, toners, moisturizers, masks and specialty eye care products. Browse by Product Lines to shop exclusive collections like the Pitera Essentials collection, Luxury Pitera, and others. Check out the Best Sellers to see what other beauty buffs are in love with right now so you can add something tried and true to your anti-aging arsenal.

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