Best RDP/VPS and Dedicated Servers

Virtual Private Server

A HomeRDP’s virtual private server has its own operating system, dedicated storage, dedicated RAM, and CPU resource but it costs much less than a dedicated server.

Windows Remote Desktop for automated trading on FOREX

Our Forex VPS is based on premium DELL hardware providing you with 24/7 access to your trading environment anywhere in the world and on any device. You can access your Forex VPS and use it just like you would your home computer via the Remote Desktop Connection app/program that comes standard with all Windows computers.

SSD RAID-10 array and other advantages

SSD RAID-10 delivers very high I/O rates by striping SSD RAID-1 (mirrored) segments. This RAID mode is good for business solutions that require maximum performance and high fault tolerance. In the event of a hard disk failure, your data will not be lost due to using a RAID array and we will be able to restore your virtual server without losing data on it.





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