Shopping is therapeutic for most of us. But as pleasing as it may be, if it burns a hole in the pocket, it does hurt significantly.

Here comes the role of coupons that offer discount codes for fashion, lifestyle, technology, and all the other categories.   

An amalgamation of coupon codes featured on websites that are solely meant for couponing purposes. They offer steal deals to help you save some extra bucks on shopping physically or otherwise.

Let’s know why couponing is integral and what best websites feature such coupons.

Why should you try Couponing?

Flat cartoon character customer 50 percent discount with coupon by smartphone

Couponing, although is a form of investment, but the return is remarkable. Without cutting back on the quality standards, you can get the best buy.

Beginning by saving on day-to-day investments like groceries to a one-time investment like technological devices, you can save a significant amount in a short span.

That can help you save money and create some loop in your tight budget for managing other expenses.

What are the best Coupon Offering Websites?

Flat cartoon character customer 50 percent discount with coupon by smartphone

Here are the top five websites that offer amazing deals in form of coupons-

1.  Rakuten

Previously known by the name Ebates, Rakuten offers coupons and cashback that are applicable at hundreds of platforms. Availing the services at Rakuten is free of cost.

In addition to the cashback offered, you also get access to numerous coupon codes.

By installing a Chrome extension, you’ll know whether the website you are on offers cashback or not. Usually, the cashback ranges from anywhere between 1% to 12%. However, this does increase significantly during special sales.

Linking a credit card at Rakuten also makes you eligible for earning cash back at various stores. The money you get is credited either via PayPal or check, whichever you find convenient.

2.  Cashkaro

Cashkaro is one of the most preferred websites for getting coupon codes and availing cashback. It features all the topmost brands like Ajio, Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Apple, One Plus, Tata Cliq, and so many more.

It has partnered with a huge number of websites that encapsulates fashion, technology, cosmetics, learning, lingerie, medicines, news platforms, food, beauty services, and the like. In fact, you also get cashback on using some specific credit cards. The cashback rates keep varying and may also reach significant rates like current 20% on Mamaearth. Plus, most times coupons accompany these cashback rates to give you an additional off.

3.  Ibotta

Coupon and cashback are Ibotta trademarks, especially when shopping for grocery items. The acquisition of cashback is done by completing a series of events. These may include purchasing a product, uploading purchase proof, viewing a short video, and sometimes commenting on a product.

It’s not important that the series of tasks will be the same for every product. It varies based on the product in consideration and the cashback amount.

In a few cases, it’s also possible to use an Ibotta coupon on top of in-store purchases. This assists you in saving extra money.

4.  Swagbucks

Swagbucks is known for its versatility. The advantages of couponing here is tenfold, thus providing you immense scope for saving money. You can either use a Swagbucks coupon in stores by printing them out or you can get cashback by using them during online shopping.

Swagbucks helps create a lot of scope in your tight budget. This is done by printing out coupons and getting points known as Swagbucks for the same. These points can be used for getting gift cards at various retailers.

Lastly, you can also get extra Swagbucks by watching videos, taking surveys, and using Swagbucks search engine.

5.  Lazy Promo

Lazy Promo is another website that features numerous coupon codes from various purchase streams. Having partnered with a lot of prominent retailers, this website offers attractive discounts on fashion, beauty, technology, and other areas.

So when shopping the next time, check if your favourite website features on Lazy Promo, then you can easily get things at a slashed price.

In Essence

Coupon websites provide a good scope for getting commodities or services at price lower than what you would normally pay. Additionally, when coupled with cashback offers, the benefit just multiplies significantly.

So whenever you are shopping online, do check if the retailer features on any of the aforementioned websites. This will help you in saving money.

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