2020 has begun and every other brand, be it an established or a novice one, all of them are in the race to make it big. 

When you look it in the current day and time, creating a buzz about their product and service is all that marketing managers are thriving to achieve. And how are they aiming to do that? Well, there are hell lot of ways, leveraging social media, trending posts, creative campaigns, and not to forget, using coupons to attract more traffic. 

Do you think the above-listed ways hit the bullseye every time! No, it doesn’t. In fact, the possibility of your service or product going viral is nothing less than that of winning a lottery. However, behind every product that goes viral online or offline, there are efforts and precise science. 

When you look at it logically, there are a few things that when performed, can help increase your chances of success and gain the required popularity or buzz about your product or service. 

What does the term ‘Viral’ mean on the online platform? 

Today, for any online brand or an influencer, the term ‘Viral’ refers that other people on the internet are sharing one or more of their posts. In terms of service, being viral means that people are searching for the services that a particular brand offers and booking them via different platforms using various coupons (if available). 

Similar to memes and other videos, a brands service or product can also go viral. 

Keen to know how? 

Let’s find out. 

Please do it for your audience Not Everybody 

The online market is all about targetting your current and potential customers. Every business or brand has its own target group. If they aren’t focusing on their needs, they’re literally wasting their time. 

It’s imperative to know your target audience. Learn their wants, their needs, and their demands to allure them your service and product. Knowing your customer will help you appeal more to them. 

Don’t aim at targeting everyone, cause you will fail to target anyone. So, you better stick to your audience and enjoy success. 

Come with something Exclusive.

Who doesn’t want to have what they usually can’t? or 

Who doesn’t want to purchase a product or service at a lower price?

Every one of us will have our eyeballs out if we get something that we desire to have at a lower price than its MRP. 

Coming with coupon marketing is one such way to give something exclusive to your customer. 

Reaching out to influencers to create a hype around it is another way to strategise the exclusivity. All this must be done keeping in mind that the efforts must align with your brand values and work for your niche. 

Creating something Worth Sharing

The world we’re living in is referred to as the tech-savvy digital world. 

The meme culture is ON, and people are continuously scrolling through their social media feeds to laugh, get informed, and even cry. 

With such a platform at your disposal, you have to either come up with something that outrightly invokes all the right emotions amongst the viewer, or that’s funny.

One essential tip here is that if you want to increase your followers, don’t hesitate to be vocal about it. Make sure you share your content aggressively and offer something valuable to the audience. 

Don’t just tell, Show them.

Your audience is bombarded with the new introduction of products and services daily. So, if you’re aiming at just simple promotion,s it is not going to work mate! 

It would be best if you showcased them the value that your product or service might offer them. When you focus on the value of your product, your audience will connect with it more. Try to create video content or constant social media updates with what your product and service have to offer. 

Further, when you run out of such posts, make sure you keep on posting some knowledgeable posts, people today are quite curious and love to share informational posts. 

Don’t complicate it for yourself.

Be clear and concise with what you’re going to share. Make sure you have a content plan ready before you begin posting on social media handles. 

Keep on posting the advantages and value of your product. Be consistent throughout and try not to send any type of confusing messages to your audience. 

So, you’re now all informed about the right core tips of how to ensure your product or service goes viral online. 

All the best! 

If you’ve any queries around this, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to interact with you and answer your questions!